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The film I am very pleased. He strained my entire second half of the movie, forcing dive into this incredible atmosphere. Well, the first part served as the opening characters, without which the film would not have been so spectacular. This film is not a biography of the documentary about the success of a drummer, no. This film shows a way of life such as self-motivated people, as the protagonist. In its place may be not only a musician, but also an athlete, writer, artist, and so on. N.

The film is about the drummer and his zeal to become the best. Started watching this movie, I did not expect something truly magnificent. Yes, I’ve read a lot of good reviews, but because of its principled approach, I was expecting the worst. The first half of the movie I was waiting for that for which it all fell in love with this movie. At one point I even thought that this film will be one of the most boring lately. However, at one point the film starts to gain momentum. And that’s when I felt the whole drive of the movie! I am so accustomed to this atmosphere that would not want to come out of it, and after watching the film.

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