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Tricia Janine Helfer was born on April 11, 1974 in the village of Donald, Canada, the son of Dennis and Elaine Helfer. Tricia grew up on a farm where her parents grew wheat. She also has three sisters – Trina, Tammy and Tara. At Tricia German, English, Swedish and Norwegian roots.

At the age of seventeen in the queue at the theater drew attention Helfer model agent. In 1992 she won a beauty contest from the company «Ford», then immediately signed a contract with one of the world’s most famous modeling agencies. Helfer left the fashion world in 2002, since then it appears only in promotions, which advertised goods it chooses for itself and myself personally, for example, it can be seen in commercials for «Ralph Lauren», «Versace», «Chanel» and Giorgio Armani. In addition, she also appeared regularly in the magazine photo shoots «Maxim».
Tricia led the Canadian version of the transfer «Next Top Model», and in 2002 moved to Los Angeles to devote himself to an acting career. Her first job was the role of Sarah in the fantasy series “Jeremiah”.

Helfer’s debut on the big screen took place in 2003 in the thriller “White fever”. This was followed by work in the drama “The club of geniuses,” the horror film “Memory”, the thriller “Spiral”, drama “green chain”, the thriller “Latex” Criminal detectives “hidden crime” thriller “House for Sale” drama “How meet death with dignity, “melodrama” Mistletoe over Manhattan, “the thriller” Blood Work, “the drama” Carmel, “the comedy” The unknown authors “.

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