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In the Corporation Reynholm industries” in a cluttered basement dwells support team. Roy in the ever-changing t-shirts, goggles moss and their boss, the so-called “relationship Manager” Jen. Everyday operations are very diverse: answering the phone in the style of corona question by Roy “have You tried to turn the computer off and on again?”, getting kicked from unhappy with the service users, to ensure that goth Richmond ain’t out of the little room with the red door, but even when they do work, no do not particularly appreciate. Now what remains modest of the technical support team, but to get into a ridiculous situation? Each with its own difficulties. Roy always eats chicken buckets, reads comics, in my personal life from time to time there are rays of light. Moss keeps in the drawer of an infinite supply of inhalers, wears short pants, lives with her mom and makes a hilarious serious face when thinking about something. Jen gets out of any situation, trying to find a permanent man, and the days of monthly calls a “visit” aunt Irma”. And this Trinity adheres to such an absurd, ridiculous situation that not to laugh impossible.

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