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“Terminator 5” is incredibly interesting and cool movie! This is the first part, only converted. But it changes nothing and does not spoil, because Sarah Conner knew about the terminator from the beginning about the fact that sooner or later John will die and wanted to prevent it. For example, remember how Arnold Terminator demanded clothes the guys from the first film? Now this moment and will be in the new “terminator”, only this time our slightly more aged Arnold will come back with a gun and say, “I was waiting for you!”. Then begins a tough fight, she looks excellent in 3D, and in Real 3D-no words at all!

Awesome gadgets terminators look great! Needles from his hands, the bandage piercing steel. So many things are up! The film looks very beautiful.

Arnold may be old, but not useless! Although its old and still impossible to call! How is he in this film ignites, immediately becomes more fun. I compared Arnold from the first movie and from the new… Well not so much he had aged.

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