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Sam and Dean Winchester… Perhaps one of the most memorable duets in modern television season. Two brothers, two, without a doubt, the hero who save the world again and again from all evil. Whom they not only destroyed: and vampires, and restless spirits, and demons, and even the Lucifer was imprisoned in a cage. But if your inner eyes appeared a sort of superheroes in tight clothing, Ala Batman and Robin, then immediately throw that stereotype out of your head. For all the feats to take lost of what makes a person alive – in fact, humanity.

And this series has helped writers, headed by Eric Kripke. Inventing and relive the world of the “Supernatural” they began to fill it with people, personalities, let alone without them, monsters, and villains in the series are available. And let the whole world revolves around brothers Winchester, to explore the universe still interesting.

Though the fourth season begins something strange, why it took the form of narrative, one series is one monster. Added religious motive: angels, Lucifer, and others. With all of this series has not lost interest.

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