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Back in 1933 (for 6 years before the official recognition of a super hero), writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster was invented and created the first model of Superman.

For six long years, no one wanted to publish the story about the guy who was different super powers. Many publishers stories about Superman reminded then known stories about the Gladiator, who received a similar capacity after a chemical experiment and is very weary with your skills.

And only in June 1938 a little-known DC Comics decided and published the first comic about Superman. The success of the superhero was so overwhelming that other authors had no choice – they had to invent their superheroes.

He first Superman? First, he is not a man. This is an alien from Krypton named Kal-El. His parents sent Kal-El to earth when the planet began to threaten serious danger. However, some success has been Kal-El and helped in principle to establish a new genre – the genre of super hero who occupies the first place among all genres of comics.

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