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The BBC series “Sherlock” is a vivid manifestation of this quality. For modernized Holmes is neither more nor less, the same hero of the era, as he was in Conan Doyle, only the spirit of the times another, and to capture the spirit of the time – the main task of the artwork. Of course this is not literature, and perhaps it will not be buried in the annals of the classics, but the new Sherlock is all that distinguishes “the Englishman to the core”, first of all: extravagance and independence.

So, starring: Benedict cumberbatch. Externally, the model of a modern Londoners as it is, for example, the national brand Burberry, his Sherlock dandy in the true sense of the word: people with a deliberately casual elegance and the prevailing contempt for public opinion. His phenomenal intellect cold, but not constrained by hard ice, his perception is flexible, and sincere emotion kept on a safety place for standing moments. He also severe in nature and easy-going, respects tradition and anarchist freethinking. Sagacious person casts a spell, his unconventional charisma also in combination of opposites, the ideal and incorrect. No wonder this role to other candidates were not!

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