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Shannon Elizabeth decided to become a movie star, she quickly got her first small role in the film 1991 “step by Step”. Then aspiring actress appeared in a cameo role in the American film 1995 “Mad TV”.

In the mid 1990 Shannon Elizabeth can be seen in the clip famous by Enrique Iglesias “to Be with you.” In 1996, Shannon Elizabeth made her debut on the big screen, playing a role in the youth horror film “the Snowman” directed by Michael Cooney. The young actress starred surrounded by movie stars such as Chris Allport, Stephen Mendel and Eileen Seeley. In the story of the tape, the maniac Jack frost was sentenced to death. On the way to the place of execution there was a terrible accident: a prison car collided with a government van carrying experimental chemical substances, which under certain conditions could revive the dead remains. The chemicals reacted with the DNA of the perpetrator and gave the snow. Soon appeared in the city Snowman, continuing the Jack frost…

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