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Visiting in childhood Haly”s Circus, young Tim Drake was amazed unique acrobatics “the Flying Graysons”. Surprise gave way to fear when he witnessed the death of adults Grayson, but the horror vanished in the sudden appearance of Batman, who came to the aid of a suddenly orphaned dick Grayson. Years later, Tim curiosity about the hero of his childhood took him over. Demonstrating amazing detective skills, Tim revealed the secret identity of Batman and learned that Jason Todd, the second Robin, was recently killed by the Joker. Knowing that Batman needs a new Robin, Tim decided to return to dick, but after the fight with the two-Faced realized that the Dark Knight needs a little assistance, psychological . He offered his services, suddenly appeared in Wayne manor. Batman Tim spent through months of grueling workouts, before allowing him to become the new Robin. It was a role in which Tim has outdone himself, only his problem was the combination of its night life as Robin, and a day as a normal teenager.

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