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In 2000, Paris Hilton met with the current spouse of Pamela Anderson Rick Salomon. Three years after the breakup home video, Paris and Rick, quite intimate content, appeared on the Internet. And in 2004, the video was even released on DVD and is called “I Night in Paris”. Hilton filed a lawsuit against Salomon and tried to ban the release of the film, however, in 2005, the lawsuit was settled out of court. Salomon, according to some, had to pay Hilton 400 thousand dollars as compensation. Paris had intended to spend funds for charity. However, in 2006, she admitted that he received from a former lover a dime.

In 2002-2003 regular lover Paris Hilton became Jason Shaw. Paris even engaged to a young man. However, the wedding never took place. A year later, the singer and model was Dating singer Nick Carter. And in may 2005 was declared the Paris engagement with the heir to Greek shipowners Paris by Ladison. Five months later the engagement was terminated.

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