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Since 2005 year, the actress began increasingly to work in television. She acted in the television series, became a participant of the projects, appeared in episodes, played a minor role.
In the drama “Commander in chief”, she played a minor role, portrayed the President of the United States. In the title role, she appeared in the TV show called “Become king”. And in “Eli stone” Natasha got a leading role. This is a story about a man who was sick with cancer. In recent years, Henstridge played to play a small role in TV’s “the Secret circle, CSI Miami”, etc.

The first marriage of the actress proved unsuccessful. Her husband a short time was Damian Chapa, who, as she was an actor. Two sons she bore, being in a civil marriage with Liam Waite, is also an actor by profession. They have lived together for eight years. Darius Campbell was the husband of Henstridge two years. He’s a stage actor, a Scottish singer. Now she is free.

Pentasa worried that because of work, little happens with children. By profession, she is forced to visit often out of town. When the children were young, she had to constantly use the services of nannies. The actress believes that emotionally like her mother, and her appearance at his father. She was raised mostly mom. In the life of Natasha calls himself a very lucky man. She could not recall such moments in life when she wanted to quit. Henstridge said that UPS and downs she had, as any person, but in most cases she was lucky.

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