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In 2006, Krysten Ritter appeared in the play All This Intimacy, playing two instruments at the Broadway theatre, and Second Stage Theatre. In 2008, played a cameo role in the romantic Comedy “Once upon a time in Vegas” and “27 weddings”. In 2009 he played the role of Suzie, the best friend character of Ali Fischer, in the movie “Shopaholic”. Also played Tom petty’s best friend character, Alice Eve, in the movie “Too cool for you”.

Ritter played Carol Rhodes, older sister Lily Rhodes (in the future, van der Woodsen), in the youth series “Gossip girl.” In the second season of the series “breaking bad” has played the role of Jane Margulis. In 2010 starred as Lily bizarre in the TV series “Gravity”, and together with Ivan Sergei, Ving Ransom and Rachel hunter. In 2010 she starred in the movie “Vampires”. In the rolled sheet was released in 2011.

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