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The plot is almost completely repeats the first part of “Jurassic Park” (the second and third I don’t remember), the only difference is in the details. The intensity is off the charts, tense moments with elements of surprise abound. Continuous action and dynamics makes the film truly addictive and do not allow for a minute to break away from what is happening on the screen. Although the plot is a little predictable, it was obvious that none of the main characters dies, but the film is no less exciting. Though not without some mistakes and holes in the plot. For example, striking the boundless confidence of the owners and employees Park in complete safety of visitors. Especially children travelling in glass capsules in a cage with herbivorous lizards. In my opinion, when the hostile attitude of the dinosaurs and the tank would not help, and not some glass. In the security of even a normal weapon was not against dinosaurs! Basically, the plot centers on the Tyrannosaurus (Endogenous Rex and the velociraptors, and other dinosaurs, unfortunately, been deprived of attention and in view of the fact that the timing belt is not elastic, on the screen, their presence was negligible. About the velociraptors, I want to say separately. Of course, the writers tried to bring to reality the behavior of dinosaurs, but in Owen strange relationship with the Raptor, which turned into an obedient and loyal dogs, hard to believe. But still their “partnership” looked pretty sweet. In addition, unnecessary snot in the film was a bit annoying. For example, the mention of the divorce does not affect the plot was neither here nor there. And then the divorce? The tape is long enough to have these unnecessary scenes to stretch it even more.

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