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We’ve learned that sometimes Chris Nolan pleases us strong and Mature films, which differ profoundly storylines and superb acting. In this regard, “interstellar” does not disappoint. It is unlikely this film can be called science fiction, so he’s real – and the situation taking place in it to be real and no longer seem quite so distant. The drought that began and fastest-growing hunger – is not our reality? Travel in Space too long ago not shocking news. Christopher Nolan told the story, in which human thought becomes the main weapon. Think and solve the problem. Think – and will achieve the results you wanted to achieve. The main characters think. Continuously, without a break – and not only about how to save humanity from impending disaster. In itself, the journey through the wormhole is insanely risky, which only professionals. Could imagine Cooper and his colleagues that will go into the depths of a completely different Universe in search of a new planet for humans? Hardly. But they had to do it.

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