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Dwyane Tyrone Wade was born on 17th January 1982 in Chicago. His parents Dwyane Wade Sr. and Dzholinda divorced shortly after his birth. About Duane and his little sister – Diana, and his mother took care of Keisha. When he was eight, he was sent to live with his father, who had married a second time. In the town of Robbins, Illinois State Dwayne started to get used to a new home, a new family and new friends.

This period of life turned out to be fatal for Dwayne, but one of the children’s friends – Siobhan he later married.

Last year at the school for Dwayne was difficult, despite the fact that his success in basketball has become noticeable. Between the father and stepmother of the young man began to quarrel, their marriage was on the brink. In addition, and Siobhan was busy with her teaching at a college in eastern Illinois. From his home to call the girl’s parents were not allowed, Duane could only do it from home mother Siobhan – Darlene. In the confusion, no one noticed that it moved Dwayne.

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