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The main star of the show – a doctor. He is the last of his race, the Time Lords. During the Great War Time all members of his species were killed. But he was not alone: ​​he has a time machine, the TARDIS. The main character alone: he had a family, children, but he lost them. Even his companion disappear with time, and he again left alone. But this does not prevent him to save the Earth from a variety of ills: the repeated incursions of the Daleks, Slevin, pig people, cyborgs, falling to Earth giant spaceship “Titanic.”

However, for all his exploits he was declared an enemy of the United Kingdom, and the Queen founded a special institute for the study and control of aliens “Torchwood.” Dr. constantly mistaken in the calculations instead of New York of the 1960s, he was in Scotland, 1860, instead of Venice in Cardiff.

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