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According to the developers, Batman: Arkham Knight is the final part of the series Arkham, which by itself promises an unforgettable last adventure. And I must admit, Rocksteady succeeded. Especially after a rather gray and not quite successful Arkham Origins. Arkham City, of course, was the best part of a series that seemingly could not be beat, it was a bit too perfect. But completely subjugated Arkham Knight, you begin to understand that this is the very worthy successor of the series, which was lacking.

Let’s start with the most important thing. The plot and setting are so epic that after the passage, it seems as if the gunman looked very high quality, which is, at times, it is better than all of the pictures of Nolan’s Dark Knight immediately. And the further progress through the story, the more you realize it. Of course, it is quite obvious that the developers were inspired by the same movie the Dark Knight, and a whole lot of Arkham, gradually, stylistically transformed in this direction, and Arkham Knight it has successfully completed. One has only to look at the Batmobile, and those who watched the least, “Batman Begins”, once everyone will understand.

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