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The most faithful response Audrey: “She did not like the food.” The fact that her mother, being a Dutch baroness, was very complete woman. One day she said to her daughter: “Honey, remember, a lady should weigh no more than forty-six pounds. Swear that you will never be as thick as I am! You see how much of this problem! “But Audrey always felt unloved and drowned this yearning that constantly ate chocolate. His mother forbade him to eat, citing the fact that she is fat and that is why her husband did not love her. And if the daughter will eat too much, then it, too, no one will love. After his parents divorced, Audrey Hepburn lived with her mother in the Netherlands. The war began when she was 11 years old. The house is almost never had food, and had to be interrupted so that there eating for a day a couple of potatoes and a few leaves of lettuce. Because of constant hunger Audrey forced herself to think that she hates food, under the guise of walks in the woods wearing meal downed pilots fascists. Because of his “walks” Audrey Hepburn once almost got into a round-up: the Germans seized the women in the streets and drove to work in Germany. The girl hid in some basement infested by rats. In the corner was found a bag of famous Dutch tulip bulbs – it turned out that they are quite edible, even raw. Audrey left their shelter only after a month, when US troops entered the city. And immediately sick – jaundice first, then opened asthma … proper metabolism since then Hepburn never recovered. When the war ended, it became clear that life as it was before, will not turn out. Father in prison, his mother ruined, worked as a housekeeper, maid and cook. Audrey Hepburn had to work herself.

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