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The background of all these versions create AK 47 is such that, in the early 40s of the twentieth century, there is a need in the creation of a military firearm that combines qualities such as rate of fire, range firing, reliability. But existing at the time the rifle and pistol cartridges, it was not possible to create to meet the above characteristics of the weapon. Rifle cartridges were powerful and provides high accuracy and range, but created a strong return and had a large mass, as a result, it was difficult to use them in rapid-fire weapons. Gun the bullets were not powerful enough to ensure effective fire more than 200 meters, if necessary firing range 500-800 meters for combats. On this basis, it was decided to create an intermediate cartridge, power and dimensions occupying an intermediate position between the more powerful rifle cartridge and less powerful pistol, which received the designation “7.62-mm cartridge sample of 1943”.

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